Friday, November 7, 2014

Kind before Clever

I have the great privilege to teach at Vivian Field Middle School and this week we've been promoting KINDNESS to our students! The incredible Sasha Agent-Marrier created this video and it's WELL worth the watch! Plus, I got to make a small appearance! What an incredible message to our students! FindingKind is a program that promotes being "kind before clever". If our young people aren't reminded (or taught in some cases) that kindness is essential to life, then the world will continue to grow darker and darker!

Our principal is always saying "Character Counts!" and it really does. If you think of all the difficulty our world experiences, you can see that lack of character and lack of care for others drives our selfishness and me-centered views. If we can teach our students to have integrity, grit, self-control, compassion, and gratitude then we can remain hopeful for the future!

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