Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of School

At the start of the day...

I call it "school" but it's daycare. (Daycare in the best district!) Piper is just shy of 5 months old and I'm taking her to daycare. Every ounce of me wants to snuggle and play with her all day though. I'm so sad I won't get to see her whenever I want during the day, but I'm so excited to start another year of teaching! 

I love the first week back during 'Teacher Development Week'. It's seriously so fun to catch up with coworkers about their summer and encourage each other towards a great year! PLUS - a new year means fresh school supplies and we can all agree that there's some rather addicting about new school supplies! 

Talk about opposing feelings...sadness and outright excitement!! I'll be a mess this first week for sure! I'm so glad Michael is coming with me to take our little pumpkin baby to school...there's just no way I could do it alone! 

By the end of the day...

I was so excited to pick up this pumpkin that I skipped/jogged to her room! I was so happy to hear that she's very "aware and loves to be engaged". I guess time will tell if that's really a good thing or not. 

Apparently I was too happy, because I only have blurry pictures of our reunion :) No shame from this mama! 

Day 1 down...186 more to go!! Bring it! #vivnation 

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  1. Yay!!! The first day is always the hardest!! So proud of you!!!!