Friday, August 8, 2014

Our Weekend "Away"...

Michael and I were fortunate enough to "get away" for the weekend. Our sweet Piper got to stay with her Granddaddy and Suzy Dear for two nights! She was also able to play with her Uncle Patrick, Izamar, and Aunt Betsy! We're so thankful that she was loved so well while we were gone! 

I dropped Ms Piper off with Mr Cash on Thursday! It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to leave her! Don't get me was hard, and the drive home seemed to take forever, but Suzy and John did a great job reassuring me! 

Michael and I spent our first night in Grapevine and visited a winery on Main Street! We each tasted 3 different red wines and enjoyed some great cheeses! Then we went to an Italian place and enjoyed great food and dessert! 

The next morning we woke up at NINE!!! So wonderful to sleep in...and went to get breakfast at Einstein Bagels! We came back to the pool for a while, then went to get sushi for lunch. We followed that up with more pool time and eventually made our way to dinner. Hah, then we came back to the hotel for more POOL TIME!! I hadn't been to the pool at all this summer, so it was much needed! 

We got a few updates on our little pumpkin and she seemed to be having a great time! 

We absolutely LOVED our time together, but of course we were so excited to pick her up and give her endless hugs and kisses!!!!!! She's just the best baby and she brings us an incredible amount of Joy!!! 

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