Saturday, September 6, 2014

Piper in the Park

Well, we went to the park this beautiful, and cool, Saturday morning. We came prepared with a blanket, wipes, burp cloth, pacifier, toys...

All was good in the hood, and then out of nowhere was our first "I'm so tired, get me out of here!" meltdown. Poor girl could not keep it together. Luckily, we live just down the street so I packed everything up as if we were being attacked by aliens and jogged our way home! 

We'll try again another day when daddy is with us and when we can sit up better. I think independence will make a huge difference on our outings. 

For lunch we're trying peas!!


  1. I hear ya, Piper. I'm normally that tired on Friday afternoons, leaving work. I'm not a cute crier, though.

  2. Something happened around 7 months and Lee Ann decided she really enjoyed the park. Before then it was really hit or miss. Keep trying!