Sunday, November 10, 2013

One Year and Counting...

Our One Year Anniversary has already come and gone. On Saturday, October 26th we started off the morning with sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast tacos - brought to me by my sweet husband. We then headed up to McKinney and visited the Cotton Mill where we got married. They were setting up for a wedding, which was looking a lot like ours and we just casually walked around the venue like we were supposed to be there. It was such a perfect (freezing) day last year. So thankful!

They changed quite a bit of the venue (for the better) and it was so sweet to walk around. I loved remembering the excitement of that day and realizing how fun it will be to take our kids there in the future.

After the Cotton Mill, we headed to McKinney Square where we looked at shops, picked up our complimentary wedding topper from The Cake Stand and of course, stopped at Bloom.

Delicious! Amaretto with Buttermilk Cream filling. Ugh! So good!
State of Texas Necklace
Here's the necklace I found at Bloom that I want!

This year has been incredible! We have had so many wonderful things happen!
  • We've repainted, fixed up, and made our home together!
  • We're finishing our kitchen remodel...more to come soon!
  • We've experienced the blending of two families who love us greatly!
  • We've learned so much about each other and how to communicate.
  • But the greatest experience, so far, is that we have a baby GIRL coming on the way! Lots more to come on this... we're so excited and feeling so overwhelmed and truly blessed!
Cashmere baby cardiganGirls' quilted puffer skirt in dotGirls' classic glitter ballet flats